HR – Think Differently

I have been working in the Accounting field for over 35 years.  I cut my teeth at a regional CPA firm located in Albany, NY and then went on to fill senior Accounting roles at various sized companies in different industries in Albany and then in New York City.  Less than 1/4 of the companies I worked for had someone dedicated to Human Resources.  

CFOs, Controllers, and often Bookkeepers are called upon to fill the HR role in addition to their other responsibilities.  Human Resources takes a back seat to everything else on their plate. Experience has shown me that we need to leave Human Resources to the folks who are trained and excel in that area.  It is one of the most critical positions for all companies with 1 or more employees. Some experience with no formal training no longer fills the bill.

Human Resources includes the following basic areas:  Recruitment, culture cultivation, defining an employment brand for the company, performance management, employee relations, staff development, succession planning, compensation knowledge, benefit selection, HRIS and payroll systems and an understanding of analytics and HR key performance indicators.  This list is not all inclusive, but it does show that there is quite a bit of area that needs to be covered.

A full time Human Resources Director will make more than $120k in most markets and a Human Resources Business Partner will make more than $75k. It’s completely understandable that many CEO’s want to tuck that responsibility under someone who is already working for their Company.

One of the best things that has come out of the world of outsourcing is the ability to outsource both your Human Resources and Payroll functions.  Outsourced HR Professionals have been steadily gaining popularity since the 1990’s and continues to grow in popularity due to the recent pandemic.  Businesses can afford someone dedicated to their Human Resources function at a fraction of the cost of hiring someone full time.  

CEFO Advisors HR division will work with business owners and management to define the critical areas that need to be addressed immediately and will continue to work with them to develop a full HR solution that is tailored to achieve success.  We help you think differently about HR. Onboarding is seamless and we have Human Resource Business Partners ready to step in and take charge when you need them.  

Do you already have an HR solution in house but need additional support for a project or an interim solution?  CEFO Advisors HR division can assist here as well. 

If you are concerned about the culture of your organization, CEFO Advisors will step in and provide you with a Culture Talk Organizational Survey and a series of staff workshops designed to help bolster your culture and help you get the trains back to running on the tracks.  

Finally, if you feel like something is out of kilter, and you need an unbiased professional to perform a full review of your HR policies and ensure you are compliant, CEFO Advisors can quickly step in and provide you with an assessment.

Please give us a call at 518.693.7446 to discuss how we can support your initiatives and help you define what you need to achieve ultimate success.